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We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps.

CEO greetings

Innovative Thinking!

DK&D took the first step as DongKwang Trade in 1998. Our company has been selling synthetic leather products after manufacturing them as OEM from Korea, China and Taiwan to the international market including America, Europe, Latin America and South East Asia. Also, the company emerges as the leader in the artificial leather business market on the basis of its accumulated business experiences and excellent research manpower.

The company manufactures and sells numerous subsidiary materials including POLY-URETHANE RESIN, now-woven fabrics to Taiwan, China, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Pakistan and Vietnam in conjunction with the relevant technology consulting. Korea-China joint company was established in 2002 in order to satisfy various consumer demand while opening the local corporation in China in an effort to make continuous change and development.

Along with this, our company has operated the institute of technology with specialists in this field to be the first runner in diversified market environment. In order to target the market actively, our company established the non-woven fabric factory in 2013 to strengthen the network of foreign close support services.
And as of 1st JANUARY, 2016, we started a new year changing our corporate name from Dongkwang Chemical to DK&D with a new slogan “Change&Chanllenge”.

Futhermore, by taking over Doorim TECH Co.,LTD which runs diverse product lines such as domestic clothes, furniture and IT type in 2014, we have consolidated our position as the top class company in the artificial leather field. Now and forever, we will not settle for the present but try to increase product and service quality for the best competitiveness. DK&D will put all efforts to become the world top class company.

Company status

Corporate Name/Name of Company
Date of Establishment 12th May, 2000
Management Ideology We lead to promote our company as the best competitors through autonomous and creative customer services on the basis of respect and trust.
CEO Choi Min Seok CEO
Field of Business and Main Item List Field of business : synthetic leather products (for shoes, balls, clothes, accessories, etc.)

Main item list : non-woven products, polyurethane resin HOLOGRAM R/P

Total Sales 67.53 billion(2015, total sales including subsidiaries)
Business Place Location DK&D CO.,LTD(Head Office)
– 3F, Dongkwang B/D, 138, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Shanghai DK&D CO., LTD
– 513 Ouyin center No.1369, Wuzhong RD, Minhang Area, Shanghai, China
DK&D CO.,LTD(Factory)
– 345, Byeolmang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
DK VINA CO.,LTD(Vietnam)
– #5 Long An Road, Long Thanh District, Long Thanh Industrial Zone, Dongnai Province, Vietnam

DK VINA - Organization




May, Open Guangzhou, China office


Apr,  SAMBO cooperated, JIAXING, China

Sep,  Open Shanghai, China office


Nov,  Award 10 million exporting


May, Award the prime minister

July, establish Shanghai SUN-E Co..,Ltd(China)


Feb,  establish DKCL(Korea)


Aug, take over KAIROS-VINA(Vietnam)


Mar,  Award Good taxpayer by government

May,  take over Doorim Tech(Korea)

July,  Invite STICK investment

Sep,  Merger DKCNL


July,  merger affiliated company name as DK&D



Jan, Eastablished Vietnam factory name as NK BIO


 Aug, Acquired by KAIROS VINA


 July, New company name as DK VINA


July,  Founded New Factory and headquarter in HoChiMinh city